Habita Oeste

Largo Coronel Brito Gorjão, 8 A
2640-465 Mafra

+351 261 244 407
+351 969 828 295

Equipa Habita

Uma equipa ao seu dispor.
Todos os dias.

Mais do que especialistas em mediação, as nossas equipas são detentoras do conhecimento e da preparação que nos permite dar resposta aos vários desafios.
Particulares, empresas e instituições ou investidores encontrarão em nós um parceiro sempre disponível a contribuir com as melhores soluções imobiliárias.

Luís Serra

Director of Western Operations

With a degree in Business Management from ISEG - Lisbon School of Economics & Management, he has 30 years experience in corporate banking, 18 years as a Director of Business Centres, responsible for managing commercial teams with corporate clients.

Our consultants

Ana Mafalda

Ana Mafalda Simões

Habita West

Real Estate Consultant
José Ramos

José Ramos

Habita West

Real Estate Consultant

If you are looking for a complete real estate agency, contact us.

We are a real estate agency that presents knowledge and excellent relationships as the unifying principles of our activity.

Operating throughout the country, we provide a specialised and complete real estate service that allows us to respond to the most demanding challenges, whether from individuals, companies, institutions, or investors.

Career<br />


Being a real estate consultant at Habita gives the opportunity to build a career in a profitable and dynamic market, and above all, gain new skills and qualifications for a multidisciplinary and outstanding professional profile.

It's delivery, commitment and overcoming. Always as a team.

If you aspire for a career in real estate, apply now.
We are always looking for talent.

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