Habita Investimento

Real estate investment operations.

Real estate investment requires dedicated and capable consulting, adjusted to the expectations of return, and a deep understanding of the variables that affect and guide this type of business.
From mapping needs, identifying opportunities and financing solutions, we will successfully complement your real estate ambitions. Habita Investments deliver strength and credibility.

Habita Investimento


We provide a property pipeline from mapping your needs to discovering and evaluating potential investment opportunities for you. Discover our services.

Habita Investimento


We offer a robust and extensive portfolio of various real estate investment opportunities tailored to your ambitions.

Habita Investimento

Our team

At Habita Investments, you will find a proficient team accomplished in responding to the complex process of property investment.

Habita Investimento

Investment Solutions

At Habita Investimentos you will find a team focused on finding the best real estate solutions that allow you to maximize the performance of your investment.

We know the complexity of this market and you will find in our teams the financial competence to find the most attractive and innovative solutions for real estate.

Businesses that
generate value

Portugal is undoubtedly one of the most attractive countries for international real estate investment.

The safety, quality of life, culture, unique climate, renowned gastronomy and sporting heritage makes for an exceptionally warm welcome to visitors. As a result, Portugal is a consistently desirable destination in the prime and luxury residential segment, as a second home or exclusively for renting.
Additionally, investment in property with a commercial or business profile also represents excellent return opportunities.

The growing rehabilitation of urban spaces actively contributes to the dynamism and revitalisation of cities, making this segment highly attractive, where we can map out winning opportunities. Whatever your investment profile, our mission is to find the best and most profitable real estate solutions.

A specialised
and integrated

A specialised
and expert team

and analysis
of business



with funding

If you are looking for a complete real estate agency, contact us.

We are a real estate agency that presents knowledge and excellent relationships as the unifying principles of our activity.

Operating throughout the country, we provide a specialised and complete real estate service that allows us to respond to the most demanding challenges, whether from individuals, companies, institutions, or investors.

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