Home Staging and trends for 2022

Learn Home Staging basics and how this concept will help you sell or rent your property faster.

Learn Home Staging basics and how this concept will help you sell or rent your property faster.

In buying or selling a property, the owner usually wants to complete the process quickly. But, on the other hand, the buyer or renter likes to make an informed decision by examining all their options, which can be a lengthy process.

The decoration is one of the decision factors, alongside the type of property, if the living areas are spacious, the state in which the property is in, etc. We all know that it is necessary to tidy the house up and present it cleanly with good lighting. That is, common sense already has specific guidelines. However, the world of real estate has brought us a new concept, Home Staging.

Home Staging means preparing the property in a way that makes it as attractive as possible to be sold or rented. Therefore, it is no longer enough to present a tidy and decorated property. You need much more than that. Experts say it works!

This English concept aims to transform the property to be as attractive as possible to those who want to buy or rent it. Another interesting fact is that this technique does not require spending a lot of money.

Some fundamentals of Home Staging

Don’t personalise it too much

Having the decoration of the property to your liking, i.e. being entirely personalised, may not be the best option because what is beautiful or comfortable for you may not be so for those looking for a home. But if you present the property more neutrally, that is, without your personal belongings, for example, it will be easier for the house seekers to imagine themselves in it.

The importance of colours

Here too, the principle of neutrality applies. Presenting rooms with intense, rather loaded colours like red or black or green is not best. On the other hand, if the house is in lighter colours, like white or grey, they are more neutral options and accepted more easily.

Do not “flood” the house with furniture

This is another “trick” that cannot be left to chance. We often fill the house with a lot of furniture, which leaves very little free space in the rooms. When you receive visitors to rent or sell, those who enter for the first time may well think that the rooms are small because they have too much furniture or even large sofas. Free up the space, minimise it and let the imagination of those who visit to rent or buy flow.


Another strategy you should use is to remove objects that clutter your home. Remove what you have in excess and organise the unnecessary items that are, for example, in the kitchen, living room and bedroom. In this case, with everything tidy and reduced to its essentials, you will allow the client to feel that the house has plenty of space.

The Home Staging technique is not precisely design or home decoration. It is much more than that. It aims to create neutral environments, not as personalised as those we create for ourselves, and present the house’s utility and maximise room space so that visitors can imagine it to their liking.

The Home Staging technique, besides minimising and presenting neutral options, shows trends.

One globally identified trend is the popularity of the Pantone brand. And for 2022, this brand bets on both traditional colours and colours that allow diversification with a mixture of comfort and familiarity.

The five primary classic colours are Snow White, Perfectly Pale, Basil, Northern Droplet and Poppy Seed. As for the colours that will augment these trending tones, you have 10 colours to choose from for spring/summer. After a year and a half of isolation, the trend is to try new decorations and different colours. Break up with the atmosphere that we had at home with connotations to the past. The soft pastel tones Spun Sugar and Gossamer Pink lead the Pantone 2022 palette, but there are more vibrant and ambitious tones, such as the uplifting pink Innuendo and the strong blue Skydiver. These colours are also joined by Daffodil, Glacier Lake, Harbor Blue, Coca Mocha, Dahlia and Poinciana. Ready to delight any household.

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